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Join our Discovery Week!

CanDoBe is hosting an open house to our global online community of growth, healing and support and is inviting you to join us in experiencing the Discovery Week Process as our guest!

This weeks journey of self exploration will allow you to discover what is working for you in your life, what you truly desire to create and what steps you need to take to get there. At the end of the Discovery Week, you will have identified what holds you back, where you need to make changes and so much more that will help you move towards the future you desire.

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This site was created so that anyone who wants support and coaching could afford it.

The vision is to create a community of knowledge, tools for your life and support. It is also about giving back and helping others in need. Too many want and need help but cannot afford it.

This site puts a stop to that!

The goal is to get you the help you need so that you can make the changes in your life that will allow you to create the life you desire. Join our secure social online community where you will get a chance to get to know each other, celebrate one another’s success and receive support in your struggles.

You don't have to do this alone!

Change always works better in a supportive environment. Only members are allowed in to this protected and caring community. That way like-minded individuals can connect. Our training is a self paced life assessment tool that allows you to see what areas of your life are not working for you and give you the tolls to finally do something about it!

You get to work on the following areas: Career, Prosperity, Relationship, Lifestyle or Personal Growth.

Each experience has an on-line 12-week course, live group calls and an entry into a special community. You can do all experiences and there are more options for more support and growth on the site.

Who Is Michelle DeBerge?

She is a professionally trained life coach, motivational speaker and bestselling author. She has helped hundreds of people redesign and transform their lives. Michelle uses practical tools and lessons that can easily be immediately incorporated into your life. She uses a direct approach with easy solutions to problems. Michelle has had extensive training and because of that she has many different ways of helping her clients.

Who is Raphael "Doctah" Love?

He believes that self-love is the key to freedom, success and fulfillment both personally and professionally. As the Founder of The Love Revolution, Raphael has dedicated his life to creating a world that champions every man, woman and child living to their full potential. He developed a creative drive and passion for helping others see the greatness that was literally under their nose in fun and innovative ways.

What We Believe

Our Company Vision
The CanDoBe Company is dedicated to creating a community for support, growth and healing
The CanDoBe Mission
Our mission is to provide a global format for training, coaching, connection and inspiration that demonstrates the possibility of growth, healing and connection through the online community. Our mission is to support success, fulfillment, connection and motivation both on a personal and professional level.
The CanDoBe Promise
Our promise is to support the community with authenticity, knowledge, kindness and love. We respect that each person is on an individual journey of growth and healing. We strive to create a secure and connected community of support.
The CanDoBe Philosophy
Our philosophy is that growth and healing works best when the journey is shared with other like-minded individuals who are on similar paths. We are all one another’s teachers and together transformation is possible.


  • Working with Michelle has been a pleasurable experience, as well as life changing in positive ways. Her extensive knowledge, coupled with her positive and professional attitude, has made [...]

    Tatiana Shesterneva
    Tatiana Shesterneva
  • Raphael Love is one the most “get in the trenches” coaches I have ever known! I can’t believe how committed he was to my dreams. His expertise [...]

    Biata Utterbach
    Biata Utterbach
  • Before I started working with Michelle, I was struggling with being successful in showing up in all areas of my life. I felt like I had reached a [...]

    Jaimee Patan
    Jaimee Patan

The CanDoBe Community

  • Personal and individual attention
  • 12-week classes for the top 5 areas of your life
  • Weekly live trainings and calls for members
  • Private members only secure online community